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Magnetic Signs - NY Removable

Magnetic signs are an innovative and highly visible form of business advertising. A temporary magnetic sign attached to your business van or truck has the distinct advantage over regular signage because it can be used and removed freely while advertising your signs anywhere you drive. Vibrant Printing & Graphics creates removable magnetic signs that will stick in your customer’s minds as tenaciously as they stick to your chosen moving vehicle.

Magnetic Signs for Every Purpose—Truck Signs, Van Signs

Magnetic signs are wonderfully versatile, in that they can be used for virtually any business and in a multitude of locations. Our magnetic signs are most commonly designed for the purpose of being attached to vans and trucks and are also very popular within the movie industry.

  • Van Magnets – Van magnets can be large enough to cover an entire door or small enough to perch discreetly beneath the driver’s side window. A van, being larger than the average car in the first place, already draws attention, and with a magnetic sign you use that attention to your advantage.
  • Temporary Truck Signs – Temporary truck signs can be attached to the sides, back or doors of your truck, depending on the size of the magnet you desire, or even to all of the above. To avoid wasting space, turn what is essentially a free billboard to your own advantage via a professionally designed magnetic advertisement.
  • Movie Industry Magnets – Magnetic signs are particularly common within the movie industry, as they provide valuable exposure for films by enabling you to plant visual reminders where potential audience members and kids staring out the windows from the back seat are sure to spot them.

Our popular full-color magnet signs are often requested due to their vibrant appearance, though simpler magnetic signs featuring a name or logo as the centerpiece are also in high demand. Whether you are looking to advertise a business name, a movie poster or a simple logo, you will find that magnetic signs dramatically increase your chosen advertisement’s public recognition.

Contact Vibrant today at (917) 379-5571 to work with our professional designers and create a sign that will represent your business to hundreds of people on a daily basis, in addition to the customers already being attracted by your stationary storefront. We look forward to showing you why Vibrant is New York’s first choice in sign creation and sign-based advertising.